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You're Junk Wax

I get it... the cards that are being made today are fancier and seem to be made with a little more precision. I wont pretend that I didnt drool over my Herbert Holo card... its beautiful. But for someone to call the cards that I grew up on Junk Wax and mean it in a derogatory way... thems fightin words! These cards... while probably over produced with some lower standards... they are the cards that got us to where we are. I dont want to be the official you kids dont respect your elders guy or start the whole in my day we walked to school in the snow barefoot thing ... but come on. Yes it sucks that you could have pulled a Griffey Jr card back in the day and take in from the pack to a top-loader and never touched it... but because its OC its basically worth the shipping alone. That being said... old and rough is cool... nostalgic. The way you damned hipsters are bringing back vinyl... you'll come back to these sometimes rough looking cards. Respect the past damn you... it got you here ... where people are buying 4 million dollar basketball cards. Yes our site has some small ticket items.... some "junk wax" but not everyone has the money to blow 4 million on a card of a guy who hasn't won a damned thing yet. How a Luka card went for that much money I have no idea... in my eyes he hasn't done shit... he is about one step above Kevin Love. Remember when Kevin Love was dominant on a crap team? Either way ... stop shitting on these older cards and learn to love the past ... embrace it. Go out and buy up some Nolan Ryans, Sammy Sosas, Ken Griffey Jr damn it ! If you ignore these cards you wont ever understand how we got where we are... and that would be Effing Terrible

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