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To rip or not to rip!?!?

Anyone who is paying attention to cards right now knows that these Optic boxes are worth their weight in gold! The prices are just crazy and they are impossible to hold onto. That being said it is public knowledge ( because I post the photos on our Facebook and Insta ) that we have a pretty good stock pile. The issue with having these boxes sitting in my office is that they call to me like the damned ring from that dumb movie with the little midgets. I cant walk down to my bar without walking past my office and peaking in... and thinking... what if. What if there is a box that accidentally got filled with nothing but Downtown cards. What if I sell off the greatest Mega box ever! Ill be like the guy who sold his Apple stock in the 80's for 500 bucks. At this point I am pretty sure that the ladies who read aren't keeping up with what im saying, or they cant relate, let me help with that. Imagine you are in your early 30's... not married... no kids... and your friend calls you and says, " Im back together with my ex and were going out with one of his buddies tonight come with" and you say no. You decide to be responsible and not go out on a Wednesday to drink Cosmos until 2 with your girls bum of an ex and most likely his loser friend. You stay in, watch Greys and do laundry. You wake up Thursday morning to find out your friend called your other friend Kristen, but she doesnt pronounce it Kristen, she insists its pronounced Kiersten, and she went. By the time you get to work you are checking your snap chat and it turns out that the friend you were slated to meet is 6'4" super good looking and owns a soon to be patent formula for Ice Cream that makes you lose weight and tastes amazing. He and Kiersten/Kristen hit it off and he flew everyone to his parents place in the Florida for a long weekend on his private jet because he is also a pilot . On the plus side the photos look amazing and your friends are having a great time! But it is a foregone conclusion that you are better than Kiersten and if you had just gone... this amazingly handsome genius would have been smitten by you. Had you just gone you and him would be beachside right now as he fed you ice cream that actually some how helps tone while you eat it. This is how I feel when I sell a box of Optic... what if im giving away the hot ice cream man! So I wrestle with this all day and dont know what I should do. I have nightmares that I will mail someone a box and thank them for buying from Effing Terrible and tell them to keep in touch. A short 3-5 business days later ill get a DM with a photo of a box that held EVERY CARD I HAVE EVER WANTED .... that would be Effing Terrible !

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