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This is Effing Terrible

As for our first post/blog I will say this... I started this page to talk sports and cards with the possibilty of maybe selling some stuff. In the past few hours I have had tons of people sending dms asking if we were going to have packs or breaks because its too expensive to buy them online... or they cant wait in line at Target or Walmart to find out some shitbird bought all of them... so I have decided ... We arent going to be ripping people off... we arent going to price guage so we can get rich... although Im not against getting rich. I promie you that I will try and make a little money but not try to take advantage of your misfortune . As for the people who are selling $20 packs of cards for $100 ... you're a dick ! Im not saying im against making money but damn ... 400% mark up? You're just everything thats wrong with the world. As for the rest of us middle aged Dads using their kids as an excuse to continue an obsesion they had when they were kids, just subbing out asking your dad for money for asking your wife or money... lets have some fun... make some trades... maybe make some money and talk some sports.

So I will close with this.... If the Chicago Bears sell off their future for one of 2 quarterbacks they passed on in previous drafts the fans should boycott the whole damned season! Just my take. Until next time... This is Effing Terrible

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