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The Bears are Jagermeister

The Bears are Jagermeister

I went to bed after writing our first ever blog entry with the firm understanding and hope that I would spark conversation. I woke up and had 3 messages in my inbox asking why I don’t like the Bears. My answer is simple, the Bears are Jagermeister to me. One time when I was in Korea I drank about 15 Jager shots in about 30 minutes… I was 21 and not wise. I then proceeded to puke for about a day straight… haven’t drank Jager since. The smell of Jager alone makes me sick to my stomach. Same for the Bears… I grew up on a healthy diet of Ditka this, 85 Bears that, Sweetness, Samurai Mike, the whole thing. What I have figured out as I’ve gotten older… the Bears are a bad organization that should be ashamed that they only one 1 Super bowl with the team in the 80s. The whole damned team was Hall of Famers and they win one single Super bowl? As I got older I looked back on how they took that team apart, how Ditka gave the ball to The Fridge instead of Walter, what they did to Buddy Ryan, and then many years later to Ron Rivera. I see countless quarterbacks come and go while Sid Luckman sits in the record books as the Bears best quarterback to this day…. Except in some stats where you get … Jay Cutler. It makes me sick … JAGER! Jim Miller, Cade McNown, Moses Moreno, Peter Tom Willis, Steve Walsh, Eric Kramer, Rick Mirer, Shane Mathews, and Henry Burris … I can do this all day. The Bears are Jager and I just cant bring myself to go anywhere near them because the stench just makes my stomach do backflips and makes me wanna vomit! You cant be this inept at finding talent at the most important position in sports and expect intelligent fans to support you. Most recently they drafted MITCH. Anyone ... ANYONE… who watched college football watch Mitch at UNC and saw that he didn’t have what it takes to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Mitch sat on the bench at UNC behind Marquise Williams… most recently of the XFL! Its not that the Bears missed on a QB, that happens. The real problem was that someone sat in that draft room and thought, not only is Mitch the guy… but he is so much better than Watson and Mahomes that we need to trade up to make sure we don’t get stuck with one of the other guys…. Someone needs to be FIRED…

THE BEARS ARE JAGER ! I cant be a part of a team’s fandom if they are going to just operate in total delusion. I don’t need to go into more ill just close by saying … Shea Mcclellin!

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