Sit down Megan

So we have had a website for almost 3 weeks now... lets piss in some peoples Cheerios. Megan Rapinoe, who is a professional womens soccer player, was recently invited to the White House where she spoke about how she feels it is unfair that men in her same sport get paid more than her... its not. That can be the end of the blog... its not unfair. MORE PEOPLE WATCH MENS SOCCER THAN WOMENS YA MORON! To try and take all the triggers out of it for all the social justice warriors who dont wanna ruffle any feathers let me put it another way. Megan Rapinoe saying its unfair mens soccer players make more than her is the equivalent to a car dealer saying its unfair that the price of the BMW is more than the ford escort. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! Megan im sure while you were busy buying your slim cut blazer you missed the memo... you get paid based on the amount of people that want to watch you play your chosen sport. Thats it... its not sexist its facts. To sit there and make it seem like there is some sort of dastardly plan afoot to keep you underpaid is just bullshit, not to mention its your way to stay relevant and get more attention. You are basically the little they/them that cried wolf ... and yes the pronoun was sarcastic. Stop your bitching and ask the real question... why dont more people come watch womens soccer? Its because its not as entertaining and all you do is bitch and complain which makes it no fun. Basically Megan you have made womens soccer Effing Terrible!

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