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Shohei me the money!

Now that I have made my purchases I will let my readers in on a little secret. The Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles have a pretty special player out there on the left coast. I know most people in the midwest and east coast dont stay up late enough to watch the Angels play but if you get a chance to have a late Red Bull and stay up for a 11pm first pitch you should do it because the Angels have one of the greatest and most exciting players in MLB... and its not Trout. Shohei Ohtani is one of the most exciting things in baseball and as soon as you're done reading this you should jump on ebay and buy up his rookie cards.... I did. For those of you living under a rock, Shohei is the designated hitter and starting pitcher for the Angels. Yes a pitcher who hits dingers just like Big Al. For years I always sat back on my couch, knowing damn well I cant hit a baseball to save my life, and I bitched about how its nuts that pitchers cant hit. I mean in the NL you have pretty much a guaranteed out when the 9 spot in the line up comes up. I for years have wondered... why cant these goons get in the cage ... they only pitch every 5th game? So as I sit on my high horse shit talking major league athletes... here comes Sho Time! Last weekend in the first series of the season against the White Sox Sho Time hit 101 on the radar gun and hit a BOMB that left the yard at 114 MPH... THATS STUPID! The idea that this pitcher could hit 30 bombs and win 20 games is a real thing... and that makes his card super valuable. This is like hearing about bitcoin 18 years ago and buying in and 20 cents a coin. Go ! Go right now and buy at least one Shohei rookie card ! If you dont you will be looking back at this day a few years from now thinking about the money you gave away by not listening ... and that would be Effing Terrible

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