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PSA "Pretty Shitty Assholes"

I would hope that people dont start to collect baseball cards with the hope of getting rich. If you dont own at least one card that is totally worthless but you love and at the same time own a card that people have offered you a crap ton of money for and you cant let go of... you dont belong here. I went to a card shop the other day and met a bunch of people just like me... obsessed with these little pieces of cardboard that somehow magically turn us into little kids again when you rip a pack and find a huge card! I also ran into a bunch of robots who only buy or sell PSA slabs and have no emotional attachment to any single card...That sucks. PSA slabs, while I get are the most respected slabs, suck. They suck because there is no consistency in their grading, they suck for their wait time, they suck because they raised the prices right when the card game finally got hot. So to make a long blog short... I dont like PSA and if all you do is buy and sell PSA because thats the best way to make money .... Youre Effing Terrible

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