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It was a mission statement

To say that this site and blog was just a way to avoid having to pay ebay and facebook fees wouldn't be untrue. But I would be lying if I said I haven't gone to bed at night and let my mind wonder. Hoping someone would read a blog and think it was funny and share... and then that person would share... and so on. Not specifically so that my blog would blow up and I could walk into work one day and do the whole, " fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, im out" which I would do... but I promise I have a much more noble goal in mind. I hope that eventually we will live stream me and my friends and family watching sports and it would be like we were at a bar ... talking sports. I have these lofty goals of people one day thinking... Im gonna go home tonight turn on the Blackhawks game and watch the idiots from Effing Terrible make ridiculously uninformed wagers on the game and then subsequently watch them cry when the over doesn't come in. I also hope that we could share the stupid and childish enjoyment that some of us get from opening a pack of cards and finding our favorite player. Or share the absolute roller coaster we go on watching sports. I have come to find over the years that I am not the craziest sports fan out there. There are people out there who are WAY more passionate than I am and I LOVE IT! I love the stories, the videos, the memorabilia they bought that nobody else cares about, ie my Tom Zbikowski autographed jersey. I guess my hope would be that maybe I can spread awareness about how these games can drive you to pick up your tv and attempt to throw it out your picture window. While that is not an action that I approve of ... its just nice to know im not alone. So there is a small part of me that just hopes this site could turn into the neighborhood kids meeting up every weekend to trade cards and play smear the queer. Because the idea of that not happening anymore is Effing Terrible !

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