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Well... seeing as how someone hasn't come across Effing Terrible Sports and seen it for the obvious banger of a business opportunity that it is ... I went back to my day job. With that I would venture to guess our little blog will turn into something like Saturday morning cartoons... for now that is. I will make damned sure that I get up a blog post on Saturdays taking on the hard hitting issues in sports and the rest of the world. So this Saturday I will go right to the fact that MLB moved the All Star game from the Braves stadium due to the pressure put on them by the President of the United States. My response is ... STAY THE FUCK OUT OF SPORTS! Please I beg of you ... we have so little left. I will do my best to stay neutral and not make this a political site... I want Effing Terrible to be the sanctuary to escape the noise the way sports is supposed to be. I get that athletes have platform and I even get that some of them feel that they have a duty to use that platform to get their beliefs out there and push agendas that are important to them... I respect that. But I am asking you as a father, husband, and die hard sports fan. Please give us one place where we can go and just get lost. Please dont take away a simple game that can transport anyone having a tough time back to a place where their dad used to throw them whiffle balls in the back yard. Let us sit and bask in the beauty of a really nice double play or the selflessness of a sacrifice fly. I am not one of those shut up and play the game guys, which I know its sounds like I am. I am one of the guys pleading... dont take this away from us. Sports crosses all boundaries... race, sex, religion. Sports gives people a common ground and allows them to break the ice... and maybe get lost for a while. So from now on when it comes to sports and politics imaging we a playing tag and when im watching or playing sports... im on goo (or glue depending on where you grew up). Politics is crazy enough and seems to be infiltrating every part of modern day life... If you let it take over sports... that would be Effing Terrible !

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