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Hard hitting issues

We here at Effing Terrible hope that we havent some how mislead the public into thinking that we will only be blogging about sports. In our initial about us page we were very honest about knowing almost nothing about everything. We have just enough knowledge to get ourselves in trouble. That being said we will be taking on serious issues as we go and today is the first one.

Sarah Jessica Parker is not attractive! I get that making this statement will mean I need to back it up and to do that I will be openly admitting to watching Sex in the City. I did I watched it... I watched the show, I watched the movie, I watched it all. I know the characters, I love Mr. Big and I know that Charlotte Poughkeepsies in her pants. Im not nearly as worried about admitting this anymore because I really dont need to worry about having my manliness checked... because lets be honest there isnt a lot of manliness running around out there nowadays. So again, let me dive right in, Sarah Jessica Parker is not attractive. The hardest part about that show was watching people call her beautiful or breathtaking. She is breathtaking in the way that if you come around a corner and see something awful that startles you and you lose your breath. She also is one of the ugliest smokers in modern movie and tv history. I didnt think I could find her less attractive and then she started smoking... and to clarify its not the act of smoking its just how she does it. Its like watching a women parallel park its painful and annoys the living shit out of me. She is the least appealing person on that show and that is including that awful Miranda ... man what a bitch. Charlotte is pretty and I actually dont think the old slut from Big Trouble in Little China is all that terrible either. But Carrie Bradshaw is a terrible, ugly women, who mismanages money and only ends up having a good life because she married a dude who had his shit together. I feel like all I have done so far is provide my ideas with no facts so to make sure I have support in my theory I will provide this knowledge. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse... and its a fact because there is in fact a website....


So in closing .... The Show Sex in the City ... is good .... But Sarah Jessica Parker is Effing Terrible

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