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I will do my best to keep my personal life as private as possible... but I think the reason a blog and then a podcast becomes popular is because it is relatable. When it comes to that I feel my common ground with all the people who look at this page is sports. Sports bridges age gaps, race, sex... sports is a language we can all speak. But I specifically am a 37 year old happily married man with 2 amazing kids. That being said... my wife was a little skeptical when I told her I was going to start doing this. Who wouldn't be? I just walked up to her one day and said hey babe... if its cool with you I want to become Effing Terrible... and she was like... ok. But then something happened... last night my wife ripped packs on our Facebook page and it was probably one the coolest moments in Effing Terrible history. Not just because she ripped some amazing cards... but because we did it together and it seemed like she enjoyed doing it. By the end I saw her knowing when the parallel cards were coming and she started to reveal them slower... I was in heaven. So as I take a post to talk about something personal I just wanted to say ... I hope that you find someone in your life who loves the things that you do... or at least loves you enough to pretend just for you ! In closing ... if your significant other doesn't love ripping cards... thats Effing Terrible !

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