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Dont F**k this up Reinsdorf

I will openly admit ... I am and always will be a Cubs fan. Now that being said I don't, "hate" the White Sox. I do hate the ridiculous song they adopted when they won the World Series though... who has a song about a boy from South Detroit as your anthem when you're a team from the South Side of Chicago. I hate fucking Journey the same way the Dude hates the fucking Eagles. Terrible song choices aside I enjoy good baseball and smart front office moves. So it goes with out saying that the White Sox were not in that category for a while. The buddy system that Jerry Reinsdorf uses to run his teams is so far past infuriating I can only describe it as bordering on comical. How you get to a place in this world where you own two major sports teams and you run it like its a local used car lot... offering jobs to all your buddies... ill never understand. I couldn't sign up for the Kenny Williams show... he made crazy moves that made the team worse in every possible way. I dont want to pick at scabs but James Shields and Alex Rios were two of the dumbest moves in Chicago baseball history. Lets not even dive into the Adam LaRoche, Drake LaRoche fiasco. So that being said it was a breath of fresh air when Kenny moved aside and Rick Hahn was allowed to take over. Now look at the Southsiders... one of the most talented, young, and entertaining, teams in all of baseball. For the first time in a long time I am excited to watch White Sox baseball ! So what does Jerry do? He calls up another old friend, all be it historic figure in baseball, Tony La Russa . Tony is now 76 years old .... 76! He has not managed a baseball team in 10 years and when he returns this year he will be the 3rd oldest manager in baseball... EVER. So the plan that is being executed here is to take the original get off my lawn, respect the game old timer and put him in charge of the most talented team the Sox have had in years. The plan for success is to take a 76 year old man who is now on his second DUI and have him be the leader for a team with an average age of 28. To add another dimension to the nonsense a large portion of the White Sox young talent do not speak english. So can someone explain to me how this drunk old man is going to instill wisdom into a 23 year old Cuban? The decision to try and make up for when Jerry fired Tony in 1986 ( I was 3) may cost the Southsiders their best chance at a World Series since 05...and that is Effing Terrible!

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