Bet the under!

For the past several years as my Bears disdain has grown I have started making the same bet every year. As the season rolls around and the free agent period dies down Vegas comes out with the over/under for total wins for the Chicago Bears. I sit patiently all year and wait for these numbers to come out and then I absolutely BLAST the under. I cant seem to understand why, but for some reason Vegas seems to value the Bears the same way their fans do. It is the curse of the Bear fans that they will look at the absolute dumpster fire of a train wreck that is their beloved Bears and see the silver lining. It wont be but a few weeks when Da Fans will be heard talking about how good Andy Dalton was when he had Bill Lazor as is OC in Cincinnati. You'll hear the water cooler talk of ... Kyle Fullers contract was a killer anyway... were better off. Its like Thanos ... its inevitable... they will find a way to polish this turd again and sell themselves on a team that they hope will rally around its fans in a Disney-esque sort of way that will be nothing short of the Bears coming out and running the Flying V. Its sad, Bears fans deserve so much more for the years of devotion they have given and it seems every year they revert back to hoping for, "Bear weather". I just dont get the abusive relationship that these fans partake in every year where they go from over the moon excitement based on the smallest glimmer of hope back down to total hatred for the Bears and the front office the put them together. Short of an Air Bud : Golden Receiver scenario the under will come in again this year. The Bears fans will find a way to sell themselves this version of a makeshift NFL team and the Bears will break their hearts once again... and that's Effing Terrible

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